The FASTer Way to Fat Loss™

 Thank you so much for your interest! This is hands down, the most effective nutrition and fitness program you will find on the market!  

As a certified FASTer Way to Fat Loss™ coach I am confident you will love it!  

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What can the FASTer Way to Fat Loss™ do for you?

Your energy levels will increase, your fitness level will improve and you’ll feel STRONGER!

Your confidence will soar and you won’t experience a mid-afternoon slump.

You’ll have better overall gut health and a decrease in bloating. 

You will have less anxiety and MORE control over food choices.

Have you been on what feels like a never ending roller coaster when it comes to fitness and nutrition? You've followed every diet guru's advice. You've tried hours on the treadmill, and restricted your calories to obscene levels. You've seen some success, but feel depleted, overwhelmed, and out of control. You've been burning the candle at both ends and want a plan that translates into a simple lifestyle, not an intense, stressful quick fix.  

You need a solution that helps you feel in control again. You're looking for a program that gives you back your energy. You want physical results, but you want more than just a few pounds dropped...  

  • You want to look lean, fit and toned. 
  • You want to feel stronger, better, and more confident.
  • You need a solution laid out for you, with support, guidance and accountability along the way.
  • You need a community, a coach and a program that actually works...for life, not just the next 21 days  

My Journey

Hi, my name is Aelie Swift. I am the chef & owner of Simply Gourmet Personal Chef Services & Catering. I have always been passionate about helping people eat well. I personally know how frustrating it can be to “eat clean” and exercise consistently without seeing results in terms of your overall body composition. I know how hard it can be to get rid of that stubborn weight around your midsection and to feel uninspired at the gym from lack of results. 

6 years ago I turned to a paleo lifestyle and saw significant changes (35lbs lost in only 3 months) just by going low carb. I started lifting weights, gave up chronic cardio and saw further great results….for a while. Fast forward to the beginning of 2017 and I hit a plateau. I was uninspired at the gym and started to stray on my “diet” and the older I got the harder it was to shift those last 5 or so pounds. Then I was introduced to the FASTer Way to Fat Loss™ and everything changed! I lost 7.5 inches in just 6 weeks and could fit into my skinny shorts! Even better my overall mood improved and I felt confident again. My favorite part was going into my closet and feeling sexy in anything I tried on. 

The incredible results I saw through a strategic combination of intermittent fasting, carb cycling, IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros), weight lifting and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) made me a true believer in the program! So much so that when the opportunity arose to become a certified coach I jumped on it!

With my background as a chef and my passion to help people eat well and fuel their bodies with the right food, this seemed like the perfect addition to my already successful personal chef business - Simply Gourmet. With my personal weight loss journey and my expertise in the kitchen I am confident I can give you the tools you need to succeed!  

Before and After

What is included in my online fitness program?

For only $199 USD you get...

  • 7 week guided program, open to BOTH Men and Woman
  • Comprehensive Guide with an overall nutrition guideline, worksheets and bonus recipes 
  • A private Facebook accountability group to offer daily motivation
  • Portal for your effective workouts that will give you beginner, at home and at gym options. Included is an exercise video library that will make sure you are moving correctly! 
  • Certified Coach to support and keep you on track
  • A recipe of the day to help you create delicious meals that fit your macros, no boring chicken and broccoli here! 
  • Zero shakes, supplements or pills required!  

The FASTer Way online bootcamps fill up in a matter of days, so don't miss out! Once the program is full, I will close the doors until our next round. So, grab your spot today, before they're all gone!  

Have your spouse join you at a reduced rate of only $99 and increase your success by having an in home accountability partner! 

Why you need the FASTer Way to Fat Loss

  • you want to feel confident in your clothes (that fave pair of jeans!)
  • you want more energy to keep up with your kiddos
  • you want to sleep better and improve your overall mood
  • you want to feel in control of your food vs food controlling you
  • you want to do something for YOU so you can be there better for your family
  • you want to build lean muscle and gain strength 
  • you want to change the shape of your body  

Through the FASTer Way to Fat Loss™ you will:

  • Learn how to fuel your body effectively to maintain optimal energy levels throughout the day.
  • Learn how to re-teach your body to burn fat naturally.
  • Be given the tools you need to restructure and repair your metabolic system and increase your metabolism.
  • Improve your hormone levels so you feel satiated.  
  • Learn how to workout in a smart, effective and efficient way. 
  • Have the support of women with the same goals and aspirations. 
  • Have the support of a professional chef to guide and inspire you on the what to eat.
  • Leave the FASTer Way to Fat Loss™ feeling leaner, stronger, healthier, and more energetic than you've ever felt before.
  • Leave FASTer Way to Fat Loss™ with the tools you need to feel that way for life! 

Not convinced the FASTer Way is for you? Read these powerful testimonials and let the pictures speak for themselves!

"This has been such an incredible journey which has only just begun for me. When I first joined the FASTer Way I didn't think I was ready or really even prepared to delve into this program. I had a good level of fitness but my eating habits were out of control. I was very uncomfortable with what felt like the need for major lifestyle changes. In the last 12 weeks I've lost over 20 lbs, 2 dress sizes and am stronger physically and mentally. I no longer suffer from the excessive mood swings I did in the past. I have less cravings and generally make much better choices in the kitchen because of the knowledge I have gained about food. I feel like I am the person I've been striving to be since having children and will continue to be a better person because of this program. Thank you Aelie for all of your support and dedication to making us better people. I couldn't have done this without your help." ~ Nadine


"I am 3 months off the program now and still feel amazing. I have kept the weight and belly fat off and my abs are looking better than they ever have! The program was amazing, the results were stunning. I lost my back fat and belly fat, which is where I gain my weight and I saw the toning the weight lifting was doing for me. I'm a cyclist and my performance actually improved. I even ended up losing more weight than I planned!!! The flexibility is a big plus, with a lot of room for adjustments. I was never hungry and some days I could barely get all my calories in! The carb cycling and working out in the fasted state is just brilliant. It gets right to the fat stores and burns it off. Right now I still feel like the best me I've ever been and I am 57. This works!!" ~ Elizabeth

"I have done just about every fad diet out there as many women name it and I have tried it. While I have had some success with other weight loss programs, I had never been able to “complete” a program and maintain that lifestyle. Aelie has been a huge light in my life! She has helped me to view food in a completely different light. I no longer see food as BAD. I have learned to embrace FATS and CARBS, yes that’s right I said Carbs. I have struggled with panic attacks since having children (I have three young boys) and I have found the daily workouts help manage my anxiety HUGE! With my nutrition on point and the daily workouts, I am feeling STRONGER every day. The positivity of the group is unlike any group I have been a part of in the past. We keep each other accountable and lift each other up. I always felt like I was too “busy” to engage in a group but that’s simply not the case. I didn’t step foot in a gym once for the entire 6 weeks rather I would get my boys off to school, come home and work out and then start my work day. Aelie’s knowledge around nutrition compliments her enthusiasm in coaching, plus she provides amazing recipe’s every day! I have dropped almost 2 dress sizes and have signed up for the next 6 weeks! I can’t WAIT to see the changes. Thank you FASTer Way to Fat Loss and thank you Aelie!!!" ~ Ashley

"I will start with WOW!!! I am absolutely blown away with my results. I was certainly feeling and seeing changes prior to completing the 6 weeks but NEVER expected the results I got. Down 16 pounds and 21 inches in total. At 60 years of age, I’ve tried many different eating and exercise regimes but have NEVER gotten the results and felt so good as with doing the FWTFL. Most important to me is how phenomenal I feel inside and the pounds and inches lost are certainly a bonus which I am also very grateful for. Doing this program has definitely made me feel like an empowered woman again!!! I am standing tall and strong and handle the challenges in life one day at a time, in a responsive not reactive way. I’d like to thank Aelie for being such an Inspiration. I loved her honesty, knowledge of the program and foods, professionalism and positive personality! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can’t wait to continue with round 2." ~ Natalie  


More incredible feedback from my clients! 

"I really wanted to get back into a workout routine and I'm the kind of person that needs a personal trainer and/or a set workout schedule to adhere to. With this program I get both! Only two weeks in and I feel less bloated, more energized (without caffeine) and feel like I have more knowledge and control over what I put into my body. Plus I've already lost at least 2 inches in my midsection and there are 4 more weeks to go! I've already been telling everyone about this program! And Aelie is the best! I feel like we are friends and can ask her anything!" ~ Allison "I joined the program as the workout split of weight lifting and cardio appealed to me. I never thought that I would learn so much more! I have struggled with low blood sugar all my life and never dreamt that I could ever manage intermittent fasting. But with the FWTFL I did it! It allowed me to understand the science behind carb cycling and how to manage my macros to ensure that I could live the life that I wanted and see great results. After achieving a 4% loss in body fat in just 6 weeks I highly recommend his program!" ~ Tracy  

 "When I started my journey with all of you my triglycerides where though the roof! I’m pleased to say that I just had my blood work done after 3 months and Wow! Even though I am still slightly above normal my doctor was super pleased and is no longer recommending medication! I’m getting asked a lot about what it is I’m doing and I’m so proud to say that it wouldn’t of been possible without Aelie and all of you! Thank you!" ~ Nikki

"As a Type 2 insulin-dependent diabetic with hypothyroidism, I was hesitant to try the FASTer Way program because of the intermittent fasting and carb cycling. For years I had been told by doctors and nutritionists that I must eat three meals a day and a bedtime snack containing carbs to keep my blood sugars level. So, being a compliant patient, I followed their advice. But no matter what I did otherwise, I could never get my A1C below 7.1. The very first week that I started on the FASTer Way, I discovered, with immense pleasure, that I could stop eating by 8pm and fast until noon the next day with no ill effects at all! In fact, I felt lighter in my body and experienced less brain fog and lethargy! But best of all, I noticed a significant improvement in my blood sugar levels! Where normally I would be taking insulin shots in the morning, before each meal and at bedtime, I no longer take any before meals and have reduced my night time intake because I have actually gone too low in the night! I am so pleased with this amazing program and with the great support from my wonderful coach Aelie Swift that I have signed up for a second round... This time to focus on the exercise component of the program!" ~ Danielle  

My mission is to help you feel better about your body, both on the inside and on the outside, to create a sustainable, healthy lifestyle by eating the right food, at the right time, for the right reasons.

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